Monday, January 18, 2016

Stephen Curry Watch....versus George Mikan

It's obvious that Stephen Curry is having an awesome season.  The Warriors guard is shooting the lights out while scoring at a high volume.  But with teams across the NBA making a record number of three-point shots there are many guys having great scoring seasons.  In fact six players are producing at least two points per game above league average this year.  Kevin Durant who is notching four points per game above the rest of the league is an absolute elite level scorer.

As good as KD has been Steph Curry is 30% more valuable as a scorer this year.  We have to dig deep into pro-basketball history to find a scorer as unique as Steph.  Using points/game above average as our metric Curry is neck-and-neck with one man, George Mikan.

Mikan totally destroyed the Basketball Association of America in 1949.  The Minneapolis Lakers big man was nearly twice as valuable as anyone else in the league that year.  Following the season the BAA would merge with the National Basketball League to create the National Basketball Association we know today.

Discounting Mikan's incredible '49 season in the BAA Curry's scoring production this year is the highest in NBA history.  Only Alex Groza and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar are in the same neighborhood as the Warriors guard.

Check back in with the Stephen Curry Watch over the next three months as we follow the stretch run of his historic season.

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