Thursday, January 21, 2016

The NBA's 20,000 Point Scorers, Ranked with a Twist

Net Points is an easy way to judge a players scoring production while accounting for their shooting efficiency.

The formula is simply:

Points - True Shot Attempts = Net Points

Using Net Points to evaluate LeBron James means that he jumps from 17th to 9th place on the all-time NBA scoring list.  The same metric is not as kind to Kevin Garnett who falls from 16th in points down to 41st in Net Points.

These shifts occur because both players scored roughly the same number of points while KG used 1,500 more shots than LeBron over his career.      
Click here for the full list of the NBA's 20,000 Point Scorers with their ranks in Points Scored and 'NET Points' Scored.

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