Friday, February 5, 2016

When Less is More: The Sacramento Kings Scoring Options

The Sacramento Kings are a top 10 shooting team in the NBA this season.  They have four above average scorers plus a big man who is playing well for a rookie.  And despite his poor shooting Rajon Rondo's passing ability has helped his teammates get better looks at the basket.  
In addition to their shooters they have a star center who is scoring at an exact league average pace.
DeMarcus Cousins' 27 points per game looks great on the surface but scales back to just OK when his large volume of shot attempts are accounted for.  

Here are The Kings nine rotation players ranked by their 'Points Above Average'.  This metric compares a players points scored versus expected points scored based on his number of shot attempts.     

Omri Casspi5514526411312
Darren Collison5915183310613
Willie Cauley-Stein212175241136
Ben McLemore379340131048
Rudy Gay7867221010118
DeMarcus Cousins11061027010027
Kosta Koufos327306-3997
Marco Belinelli539525-269511
Rajon Rondo573570-419312

Note that Casspi and Collison combined have scored more points than Boogie while taking 57 fewer shots.  

Again, Cousins has been fine but is it possible that Sacramento could become a great offensive team if a few hundred of his shots were distributed among Casspi, Collison, Cauley-Stein and McLemore?  

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