Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Elite Rebounding Teams in NBA History

Who were the greatest rebounding teams in NBA History?  This list below attempts to deliver an answer.

Teams beginning with the 1971 NBA & ABA seasons are ranked by their rebounding production.  We start with '71 because that's when we first have team & opponent rebounds.

Unfortunately two candidates for the greatest rebounder in basketball history played almost entirely before we have opponent rebounding stats.  Without this piece of data it's hard to estimate rebounding chances for Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain.  Still, late career Wilt makes an appearance in the table below.  

The players listed are the teams top two in total rebounds with a third slot for the teams leader in minutes (shown if he wasn't also a top-2 rebounder).

Elite Rebounding Teams in NBA History


Team Leader

REBOUND % Team's Leading Rebounders in Minutes Played
1973 Celtics 54.8% Dave Cowens Paul Silas
2016 Thunder 54.7% Enes Kanter Russell Westbrook
1995 Trail Blazers 54.4% Chris Dudley Buck Williams Clifford Robinson
1974 Celtics 54.4% Dave Cowens Paul Silas
1976 Celtics 54.0% Dave Cowens Paul Silas Jo Jo White
1996 Bulls 54.0% Dennis Rodman Michael Jordan
1994 Spurs 53.9% Dennis Rodman David Robinson
2012 Bulls 53.9% Joakim Noah Carlos Boozer Luol Deng

Click here for the expanded list of greatest rebounding teams in pro-basketball history.

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